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As usual, it all started in the childhood. The cause to me was to be found in an inexplicable contradiction between my father’s hefty statement, “that crap, feelings, are solved in the brain,” and in his heavy handed outgoing reactions, while at the same time I experienced my mothers strong dependence on feelings.

I was very much in doubt since everyday life showed me how seductive feelings could be. How else could tyrants like Hitler and Stalin so easily get the support of their peoples when the consequence was the death of millions?  How is it possible that we let ourselves be seduced by the emotional statements of the press in our everyday lives, such as the indignation felt by the world because of Michael Jacksons unhappy suicide followed in details by many days headlines? How is it that the populistic, politically facile, sentimental and emotional statements have such great power and voters’ appeal over the more unbiased, however, more complicated and real picture of the world?

The relationship between intellect and feelings, no doubt, is very important.

After years in the laboratory of language – time entered psychology, however, the problem had not been solved after the examination, the area of feelings still seemed incoherent. Quite a lot of my writings ended on the scrap heap. I finally plucked up enough courage to send my considerations to a university professor, who very encouraging found it to be exciting and encouraged me to continue.