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 A new model for basic relations.

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Consonante: positive relations
Consonante: positive relations

Dissonante: negative relations
Dissonante: negative relations

 Homeostatic process = flow continuing i 4 phases

Following is clamed:
BODY: We can have strong bodysignals from e.g. our heart or stomach. They are here named affects, and are hardwired, placed in the midbrain, and functions by help from hormones. Common for both human and animals.
I : When they are worked up by cerebellum and linguistic by symbols conneced with an object, they are in the model named feelings. Special for humans.

SURROUNDINGS: In the forebrain we have a center for social relations . It gives ability having empathy.
It is of greatist importance to create balanced cohesion between bodythe I -and the surrounding world.

Notice:The distinction used in this model is either in ordinarily or scientific language clarified, which means one dosn´t separete talking from the body: (affects)= seduction (leeds to impulsive acting) or from the brain/I: (feelings) = with arguements (leeds to dialog). Missing destinction or mixture result in muddle: Is the purpose seduction or explaning? (see welcome)