Knud Ingerslev

Born in Assens, Denmark, son of doctor Vilhelm I. and Doris I.
Married Hanne I. 1959, two children, Carsten and Charlotte, grand children, Hannah, Ea, Amalie and Sofie. After Hanne’s death 1995, married to Natalie 2002 – divorced 2010, married to Suthinun Rathanunrenu 2013.

Apprentice on a ship DFDS 1953, Folk highschool Krabbesholm 1954, Teacher’s exam Vordingborg 1959, teacher at Oestersundbyvejens school, Aalborg 1959-63, Middelfart skolevaesen 1963-71, Courses, Botany 1961, typewriting 1962, Developmental Psychology 1962-63, Danish 1966-68, Teacher of Didactics, training college students, 1962. Chairman of the Vestfunen teacher’s Ass. 1962-63. Lektorat Teacher’s Academy, literature 1968-70, external examiner/Danish 1970-71. Principal at the Skelvej-school 1971-1995.

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Skelvejs-school  logo

(To learn – to live)

Traineeship at dr.fil Barbro Sandin, Sâter, Sweeden 1985. Master of

psychology, University of Aarhus, 1987. Courses, group psychology, Arne
Sjoelund DHL, 1976. Transactional analysis DHL, 1977, Reality psychology
DHL 1978, Gestalt psychology Ph.d. Tony Horn, senior lecturer Marchen
Moeller, Ph.d. M. Kriegsfelt, Jungian therapy, Master of psychology Anne
Dreier 1982-83.

Private practise in my own clinic. 1995-2013, courses in personal
development, Danish Nurses Organization.

Miscellaneous: Literary circle Heilskov Larsen, 1965-69. Literary reviewer,
Radikal Presse 1965-69. Chairman of the Westfunen art society 1986-95.
Member of Rotary 1972-2013.

Publications: Programmeret undervisning. Fyens Amtsråd 1965. En
lærerrapport. Psykologisk News 1971. En detalje om det nye skolesystem:
Folkeskolen 1967. Also several articles and feature articles in various

Books: Fascination og Pædagogik. Eventyr. ED.Peter Lykke Olesen et al.
Gyldendal 1982. Om Skizofreni. Århus Uni. bib. 1987. Grib nuet og giv det
mening. Gyldendal 1994.

Talks: Literature: Middelfart Højskoleforening with Johannes Møllehave,
Odense Rotary, Assens parochial church council, Ollerup, Helnæs-, Ryslinge-, Svendborg-, Ry Folk highschools,
Nordisk forening, Maribo.

Something more private – my sparetime activities.

I live in Torøhuse, Assens, Denmark.

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Interrests: Meeting human beings: With Sue and children. From prize ring to deepest conversation with friends. In the sailor’s pub and dining at the queen’s table. Being close in the psychological space.

“Travelling is living.” Have visited 50 countries at all continents.
Peak experiences: River rafting down the Zambesi river, parachute diving in
New Zeeland.

Painting and writing poetry at an amateur level.

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